Tell Us Your Book Idea

We’ve been writing books and helping people like you to write books for over 37 years

We run three programs designed to help you publish your book.

So wherever you are in the process we can help you get your story out.

Which program is right for you?

The Authors Program – if you’re just starting out with your great idea.

The Publishing Program – if you already have your first draft ready.

The Ghostwriting Program – if you want us to write your book for you.

And whichever program you choose, you’ll be working closely with us – Jacqueline and Steven – because we don’t believe in outsourcing something as special as your book.

What’s the difference between the three programs?’

Every Program includes our core features – we will edit your book and publish a hardback, paperback and ebook edition of your book for you.

The Authors Program has additional accountability support, to help you research and write your book.

In the Ghostwriting Program we also undertake to interview you and to write the book in your words with your stories. 

What type of support do I get?’

All Programs have fortnightly catch up and coaching calls to keep you accountable.

There is also email support if you need it.

What’s your refund policy?

Every program we run is backed by a money-back guarantee.

‘I’m interested in a completely customised program. Can we talk?’

Sure. We often design customised research programs where we interview your clients, customers and family as well as you yourself.

We can create an in-depth biography, memoir or legacy book you’ll be proud of. Our writers can even come to you to do the interviewing. (The CEO’s Journey and Reinventing the Future are good examples of custom programs. They each involved more than a hundred research interviews.)

A customised program like this is likely to cost upwards of £200,000.




£3000/month x 4

Full edit of your manuscript

We create a custom cover and internal design which you approve

We do all the library and technical registrations (ISBN etc)

We organise full printing service for your book (at cost)

Full distribution through online retailers

You keep 100% of all royalties

most popular



£1500/month x 12

Everything included in the Publishing Program

two-day online workshop to craft your book vision and publishing plan

fortnightly accountability sessions to ensure you get the book done

writing templates and frameworks

regular feedback on your book

You keep 100% of all royalties



£6000/month x 8

Everything included in the Authors Program

Everything included in the Publishing Program 

PLUS we interview you to get the content in your words with your stories

Then we write the chapters in your voice using your words

You keep 100% of all royalties